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Sons of Liberty Gun Works Mission Statement

Sons of Liberty Gun Works creates products designed to fight, whether it is Law Enforcement, Military, Home Defense, or Survival. We build rifles that are light, tough, accurate and smooth shooting. We strive to make Sons of Liberty Gun Works an easy first choice for anyone in need of a quality rifle. We do not compromise on quality or performance.

Sons of Liberty is Always Striving to Improve.

We like to think of our business as a family of customers, employees, supporters, and suppliers. We support this family at every opportunity and with every available resource. It is our mission to build a home for our family and tools with which they can trust their lives, every time and under any stress.

We are a family of patriots & rebels, we support the rule of law, yet revel in the irreverent. We are political and not politically correct. We fight for what we believe in and support others who do the same. We are a family of believers.

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