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Cerakote Comes to SOLGW

There was something in the air on Valentines Day 2016 at Sons of Liberty Gun Works.  Was it love?  Was it the sweet smell of chocolates? No, not quite, it was the acidic nose tingling smell of Non Chlorinated Johnsens Brake Cleaner.  Cerakote had come to Sons of Liberty to certify 6 of our armorers, the largest certified cerakote staff in South Texas.  

Cerakote San Antonio

We learned from Cerakote Master Ryan, about pencil hardness tests, cure times, and spray patterns.  To our primary applicator Mikey, much of it was old hat, but even he picked up plenty of new tricks.  To others such as myself who was just learning, the amount of knowledge gained was incredible.  We not only learned why Cerakote is the best firearms coating in the known universe but we learned how to apply it perfectly.

However, the most important thing we learned was never ever to take pictures of our cerakote work on a pallet because, well, Ryan hates that.  Too bad for Ryan being behind a lumber yard we have an unlimited supply of pallets.  So we told him we weren't letting him leave till we took a picture of him on a pallet, just the way we like it.

Cerakote Certified Sons of Liberty Gun Works


Cerakote Certified Sons of Liberty Gun Works


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Texas Firearms Fest 2016

Texas Firearms Fest 2016

The Texas Gun Fest 2016 is in the books and it was the most exciting yet with the introduction of Full Auto Friday.  Our fantastic armorers worked tirelessly on Friday night, reloading mag after mag for 5 hours.  Due to weapons malfunctions at other bays, our quality weapons became the center of attention.  Our Glock 17 conversion alone went through over 4,000 rounds of Sinter Fire frangible ammo without a single hiccup.

After the three days of intense firing were done, SOLGW weapons had eaten 15,000 rounds of ammunition, primarily Tula and Sinter Fire Frangible, with ZERO malfunctions.  Shooters of every age and experience level got to experience the quality, accuracy and style for which our firearms are known.   

The event began with the SOLGW crew rolling through Austin with our newly built 1919 ring turret in the back of Mike Mihalski's truck.  If there's one thing we like doing almost as much as building guns, its scaring hippies. 

Rene Zamora had this to say about what he witnessed as an RSO at TFF 2016:

"For those who are in the market for a AR15/AR10 Look no further than these guys and gals here. Those who know me know that I just don`t put my stamp of approval on any firearm. I watched over the last 3 days these firearms take round after round without skipping a beat even on full auto Friday. They are local to San Antonio and do solid work."

The SOLGW crew was able to help a badass young trump support kickass with our Swamp Fox:

The SOLGW crew even got in on the fun, letting customers run their person guns in the name of science and showing just how unbeatable our rifles truly are.  When the line slowed down George Harroun got out to run his gun and show us hows it done:

We enjoyed our time at Best of West Shooting Range and would like to thank all our supporters for coming out and enjoying themselves.



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