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Minutemen Reborn: Sons of Liberty Adventure Race Team

A new sport has been born over the past few years, melding the adventure race with shooting sports.  Imagine racing through 24 miles of rugged Terrain in New Mexico at 7,000 feet above sea level, carrying all the food, supplies, weapons, and ammunition you will need for a 36 hour race.  You are only allowed to sleep for 2 hours, and you are constantly tracked by GPS.  You must scale obstacles, push disabled vehicles, and run through shooting stations, all while exhausted.  If it sounds like a scene from The Walking Dead then you are on the right track.  

Adventure racing often melds Zombie and end of the world themes to up the fun level.  Such as the Zombie Destruction Biathlon our team participated in during March 2015.  In its purest form it is simply about being tough, having endurance, and surviving..  Our team fought their way through conditions most Americans never face at Survival Trial the survival trial in New Mexico and came out on top.  Ed Dawejko took home 1st Place, and James Goyet took home 3rd.  

How does all this pertain to Sons of Liberties primary mission of bringing Combat Grade M4s to the American people?

James and Ed race with our purpose built adventure race gun, the Swamp Fox.  Weighing in at only 6lbs. featuring a Geissele SSA Trigger, Magpul MBUS Pro Backup sights, and a lightweight 14.7" barrel pin and welded to a Surefire ProComp Brake.  The Swamp Fox is light enough to carry for 30 miles while still being fast for close up shots and MOA accurate for the long distance portions.  We are proud to support the members of the racing team, look for continued updates as they kick ass all over the US.   Check out the Swamp Fox here: http://sonsoflibertygunworks.com/collections/rifles/products/the-swamp-fox-m4-sulml-ultra-light-6lb-rifle?variant=3084315905

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." -- Tom Paine

James (L) and Ed (R)  at the Survival Trial at an NRA Facility in New Mexico. 

Liz Hunter going long range with the Swamp Fox, at the Zombie Biathlon. 

The Challenge Coin struck to honor our racing team the Minutemen ( and Women)


By Mark B., on

Fantastic story, and amazing weapon work…I WILL own one. Also thanks for keeping the flag flying, even with the current abysmal political climate we are in.


By Jason, on

Sorry for being late to the SOLGW groupie session guys. Not a big FB guy but when I learned about SOLGW from several people and speaking with Mike only backed it up. I’ll be purchasing soon from you.
Back to the article, sounds like fun. I did the Murph so can see myself doing this.

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