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Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Christmas Stocking Gift Packs! CS01

$ 39.00

Need more details? Call us at (210) 400-5992

This year we are offering Christmas Gift Packs!

(Shirts and Hats are luck of the draw, you can only pick the size) No exceptions

Stocking, Shirt, Stickers and Patch $39

Stocking, Shirt, Coffee Mug, Stickers, and Patch $49

"Coffee Drinker" Stocking, Coffee Mug, Colonial Coffee, Stickers, and Patch $49

Stocking, Shirt, Hat, Stickers, Patch $49

Stocking, Shirt, Beer Mug, Stickers, and Patch $49

Stocking, Hat, Large Sticker, all 5 Morale Patches $55

"Cleaning Kit" Stocking, 1oz Snake Oil, 5.56 Bore Snake, 3Pc Brush Set, Shirt $75

Stocking, Liberty Fighting Trigger, Shirt, Stickers, and Patch $89

"Lower Upgrade" Stocking, Magpul MOE Black Grip, MOE, Trigger Guard, Liberty Fighting Trigger, Hat $109

"New Builder" Stocking, Armorers Tool, Lyman Roll Pin Punch Set, Roll Pin Holders, Armorers Hammer, 1/2 oz Aeroshell 64, Patch $109

Stocking, Bolt Carrier Group, Shirt $139

Stocking, Geissele SSA Trigger, Shirt $239






Sons Of Liberty Gun Works was founded on the principle of producing hard use, purpose built weapons for Americans in 2012. Our company was founded by two lifelong firearms enthusiasts and one US Navy SEAL. We produce a wide range of products including M4 based rifles and Mk10 Rifles, over take on the classic AR-10.  

All our products are backed by a LIFETIME Warranty.  We can do this because we believe in only providing products that we believe in and would stake our reputation on.  Our entire staff has been thoroughly trained by the best armorers in the proper procedures to build and diagnose problems with the M4 platform.  

We provide in house custom rifle builds, repairs, cerakote, special order of non AR Platform firearms, training on the AR platform and consulting work.  Come by and check us out, our doors are always open and the after hours beers are always cold.

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