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Department Purchase Programs

Sons of Liberty provides rifles for Departments all across the country.  We offer special pricing that makes our rifles a competitive option and unbeatable at our level of quality. We pride ourselves on building the best duty rifles money can buy.  

Our LE rifles are all packed in a soft case with a full load out of 3 30 round mags (Metal or PMAGs, your choice).  We can add slings, lights, suppressors and other accessories at your request.  We will work with you to build a package that fits your needs and budget.

Our lifecycle costs are the lowest in the industry.  Our rifles are built to exacting standards and hold up to extreme abuse.  We also use components that will last the life of the rifle versus needing replacement.  For example our action/buffer spring is rated for 1.5 MILLION cycles versus 5,000 for a mil-spec carbine spring.  The only wear item on the rifle in the first 25,000rds are the gas rings, which we will provide you with FREE replacements.  We want these rifles to provide many years of trouble free use.  When you buy our rifle be assured it is the only cost besides ammo you will incur.

We have numerous models that will fit any budget and desired use.  We will work with you to add options that make sense for your department and budget.  We pride ourselves on making the most customizable rifle on the market.  

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