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Custom Rifle Manufacturer

We primarily provide gunsmithing, repairs, refinishing and maintenance on M4 & LR308 platforms. We can also provide limited gunsmithing work on other firearms including pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

We charge $25 per quarter hour (Shop minimum) or $60 per hour.  

We do not have any hidden fees for test fire ammo, standard tools or shop materials.

Specialized tools required will be billed to the customer.

We offer large-scale contracts on maintenance, overhaul/rebuild services for Law Enforcement duty weapons. 

All work is provided by certified Armorers, Cerakote Applicators, and Gunsmiths. 

If you would like a quote your job please email Gunsmith@sonsoflibertygw.com

If you would like to send your firearm for work please fill out the Work Order form and Send it with your Firearm, along with a copy of a photo ID.  We will invoice you once work is completed including return shipping.

 Work Order Form


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