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Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Law Enforcement Programs


Department Purchase

(FAET Exempt)

 Sons of Liberty has provided rifles for many Departments at special pricing that excludes Firearms Excise Tax.  Our rifles come specially packed for LEO use in a smaller soft case.  We can also add slings, lights, and other accessories per department policy.  Our pricing is effect but our biggest asset is reliability and life cycle cost savings.  For example our buffer and extractor springs are rated for a million and 150,000 cycles respectively.  Over 100x the life of a standard spring, saving your department cost, and ensuring the rifle functions when needed.  Contact us today for pricing.

The following rifles are popular with Dept users across the country:

Loyal 9 Law Enforcement Carbine SL

 M4 ERGO Z Patrol Rifle

M4 EXO Rifle 

M4-SML Rifle

 Individual Officer Purchase Program

 Let us set up a program for your officers to purchase their rifles from us directly at the best price available.  We can set it up to only allow certain models and upgrades per your department’s policy.  This keeps costs down for your department and allows the individual officer to customize a rifle to their needs. It could be as simple as getting our rifle on the approved list for your officers. We have set up such a program with the San Antonio Police Officers Union for all SAPD officers that has been very successful. We also offer 10% to all LEO, Fire, Military and first responders 365 days a year.


 Duty Use Replacement Program (DRP)

 If a local or state Law Enforcement Officer uses their rifle in the performance of their duties and is without it for any reason including evidentiary procedures.  Sons of Liberty Gun Works will provide them with an equivalent loaner, or replacement if the rifle was damaged or destroyed in the line of duty.  This policy applies to individual officer’s weapons and local and state department weapons purchased from Sons of Liberty Gun Works for life. 


 Weapon Trade-In Program

 Sons of Liberty takes trade-ins of used departmental weapons.  We will take department rifles, NFA items, evidence guns, and pistols.  These weapons must be traded in for new Sons of Liberty rifles.  With the exception of NFA items (Post Sample machine guns in particular).  Have excess weapons that have been sitting in your armory for years?  Send pictures to Kyleg@sonsoflibertygw.com and we will make an offer.


Weapon Overhaul Program

 Don’t have the budget room to replace your existing weapons or have weapons who see limited use?  Let us evaluate them for repair and upgrade.  We can enhance the safety and reliability of your rifles and breathe new life into them.  Including replacing buffer, extractor and ejector springs, restaking bolt carrier keys, replacement of worn out barrels and fire control groups.

Armorers Training

 Let us train your armorers through our 2-Day Armorers course, either at our facility or yours.  We have done this class in other states for up to 30 students.  We can provide your departments armorers with an outstanding knowledge base on the M4/Ar-15 platform.  Our class is not limited to how to assemble the rifle, it covers the materials, the science and history of the platform. 


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