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Officer Purchase Programs

Sons of Liberty offers the option to departments across the country to set up a purchase program.  This allows us to extend Department pricing to individual officers and allows the Department to make rifles available to their officers that are tailored to the departments needs. 

How this typically works is we set up hidden products on our website.  These rifles can be built customizable like our rifles available to the public.  However, the rifle built for you department will only have options available that you approve.  Such as muzzle devices, slings, lights, triggers and optics.  This way your officer can customize a rifle to their desires but within the scope you set. No worries of officers coming in with unapproved parts. 

The program can be set up to have the officer order and pay the rifle himself, have a local dealer order and accept the rifles for transfer, or purchased by the department and billed to the department on Net30.  This allows for the option of the department picking up the upfront cost and doing a payroll deduction to the officer and fulfills any requirements for central purchasing. 

Contact Kyle Grothues at kyleg@sonsoflibertygw.com if you are interested in setting this up.  Thank You!

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