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6.8SPC Enhanced Bolt

$ 175.00

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Our enhanced bolts have a more resilient coating and stronger heat treat, as well as the cartridge case being fully supported by the bolt face.

When you shoulder your weapon, it must operate flawlessly - even in harsh weather conditions. Our superior carriers are enhanced with a more resilient coating, refined heat treat, and a fully supported cartridge case by the bolt face.

The extractor on the bolt assembly has "lobster tail" appearance and offers a double-spring system. The improved bolt is made from a stronger material than the GI-issue bolt. LMT® bolts and carriers provide dependable performance - BECAUSE FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION®.

  • Modified cam path increases dwell time, allowing for a much easier extraction.
  • Five gas vent holes.
  • Extractor claw engages more of the cartridge case rim to ensure positive extraction.
  • Geometry of locking lugs decreases stress.
  • Manufactured from a much stronger material than GI issue bolt.
  • Sons Of Liberty Gun Works is a custom rifle manufacturer in the US. This company was built on the principle of producing hard use, purpose-built weapons for Americans in 2012. Our company was founded by two lifelong firearms enthusiasts and one US Navy SEAL. We produce a wide range of products including AR15 rifles, barrels & other accessories, M4 based rifles, and accessories, and Mk10 Rifles, an overtake on the classic AR-10.  

    We Guarantee Our Products

    All our products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. We can do this because we believe in only providing products that we believe in and would stake our reputation on. Our entire staff has been thoroughly trained by the best armorers in the proper procedures to build and diagnose problems with the M4 platform.  

    M4 Accessories, AR15 Barrels, Cerakote Gun Coating & More

    We provide in-house custom rifle builds and repairs for ar15 barrels, bolt carrier group, & m4 rifles, as well as cerakote gun coating, special orders of non-AR Platform firearms and training on the AR platform. We're your one-stop shop for m4 accessories, lower parts kits, holsters & more. We also do consultation work. Come by and check us out, our doors are always open and the after-hours beers are always cold.

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